saint Savage

Severine Sauvageot - FFXIV
Balmung (Crystal Datacenter)


Artisan, connoisseur, philanthropist, thief


Sapphire Avenue Merchant, South Shroud Traveller, Ul'dah Business Owner, Mage of the Red


Friends and Foes Alike


Contact and hours of operation


Name: Severine Sauvageot
Age: 30s
Race: Duskwight Elezen
Gender: Cis Female (she/her)
Height: 5'6"
Relationship Status: Monogamous Partner
Profession: Performer, Glass Blower, Private Investigator
Job: Red Mage, Bard
Hobbies: Singing, music, fencing, reading, dancing, painting
Languages: Eorzean Common, Old Elezen, Doman (Comprehension), Dalmascan (Basic Comprehension/Conversation), Common Sign Language


  • Learning from people who are enthusiastic

  • Picking up new hobbies

  • Doing impressive things without magic

  • Being underestimated

  • Having unexpected experiences with unexpected people

  • Being a confidant


  • Being alone in a crowd

  • Violence for violence sake

  • Teasing people for entertainment

  • Being treated like an idiot/not having her opinion or experience respected

  • Having people tell her story for her

  • Having her eating and drinking habits questioned


All hooks are simply suggestions! If you'd like to RP and nothing catches your eye, I'm certain we can find something to entertain.

Savage, Crag & Pike - Object location and information retrieval specialist.Bluebird Glassworks - A small co-op stall in Ul’dah’s Sapphire Avenue.The Venerable Saint Savage - A name spoken by Ul’dah’s downtrodden or those that received assistance when it was needed.The Siren of Snakemolt - A ghost story of the South Shroud. A haunting, plaintive song through the night that ceased abruptly years ago with the rumor of a gory slaughter.Mage of the Red - Student of Ishgardian-born Red Mage Ser Erembourc Boucher. Assisted the evacuation of Dalmascan refugees before leaving her training half-finished.Treading the Boards - A common sight on the stages of the Free Cities. Syrup-voiced and a compelling dancer.Gold Hearted Con - Rumors of coffers overflowing with gil and goods coaxed out of the open palms of Ul’dahs wealthiest and stingiest.Buskers, Bards and Storytellers - A recently rekindled interest in familial and historical musical storytelling has her seeking out bards - especially those without Gridanian training.


The Offices of SC&P - Need help? Maybe they can be of service.
Sapphire Avenue, Ul’dah/Rhalgr’s Reach - Window shopping? Maybe that charming little stall covered in glittering glass has something of interest.
Performance Events - Maybe she’s a familiar face from the stage or the crowd.
Seaside - A Duskwight at the beach soaking in the sun is a notable sight.
Many Others

Severine might seek out...

Severine may avoid...

  • Performers

  • Craftsmen

  • People in need of help

  • Overt Magic Users

  • Violent and Aggressive Venues

  • Pro-Gridanian sentiments


♥ — Romantic♡ — Flirtatious◆ — Familial★ — Sociable♣ — Trusted♠ — Hostile■ — Professional

♥◆♣ Otolin Stone - The Partner. The one who Gets It.◆♣ Breandan Ducaille - No one knows all of her secrets. Except maybe for him.◆♣ Yellow Rose - Stability and protection. So much warmth. So much heart.♡★♣ Egrine Mhakaracca - Fascinating. Compelling. Dearest. Would help without hesitation.★♣■ Cao Xiaohu - Someone who understands without having to know.★♣■ Red Lily - Mutual student/teacher arrangement. Reminder to just be normal sometimes.Fallon Rivensail - Shared interests and a nose for adventure.★♣ Odette Hollows - Familiar roots and diverging paths.

My Writing


Adult (+30) RPer - She/Her - PSTPlayer Tumblr: EntropyTea
Discord: Available Upon Request
RP: In Game/Over Discord
I will only RP with adult (+21) RPers and (+18) characters.
I will not roleplay with people who use transphobic terms such as f#ta/tr#p/F+ to describe their character.
I also don't RP with people who use ableist terms like psycho or schizo to describe their characters.If you're interested in RP but would like to see what other characters I have to offer - please check here! Severine is my main, but I love making alts.

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